3 Ways to Give Back this Thanksgiving

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Philanthropy

Thanksgiving is a time of joy for many, but as with life, holidays can be complicated. For those who are away from their families, going through a rough patch, or fighting an illness, this Thanksgiving may feel a bit less joyous than they’d like. But during such moments, a little community can go a long way. So here are three ways to give back this Thanksgiving. 

Cook for Someone

Considering spending part of your day cooking for someone who can’t prepare dinner for themselves. Think of a friend who is sick, injured, or may have recently welcomed a new baby into the family and be still working through the transition. There are so many life changes and health situations that can impact people’s ability to cook for themselves for the holiday. Voluntarily giving your time, and chef skills, is a small way to give back and make someone’s holiday much brighter. 

Support the Troops

Our military members sacrifice so much to keep our country and freedoms safe. During the holidays, many service members are stuck celebrating away from those they love most. However, they don’t have to feel alone. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can show your gratitude while giving back this Thanksgiving. Check out the list:

  • Invite a service member into your home for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Send a care package to a deployed military member
  • Send a heartfelt letter of gratitude thanking a service member for their sacrifice

Visit Someone

The third way to give back is to visit someone for Thanksgiving. For those who are confined to their homes, health facilities, or shelters, the holidays can be tough. Visitors can instantly lift the spirits of people (and animals) who don’t have the liberty to celebrate Thanksgiving how they’d like to.

  • Health Facilities: Hospitals are full of patients who can’t make it home for the holiday. Many family members would love to fly in to comfort their ailing loved ones for the day, but can’t. This is where your time and attention can make all the difference. This Thanksgiving, go to your local hospital and see if you can sit with someone who may need some company and conversation. 
  • Elderly: Rest homes, retirement homes and hospice facilities are all great places to visit on Thanksgiving. Go the extra mile by asking the staff members for ideas on how to make your visit more meaningful. 
  • Animal Shelter: Many shelters host a Thanksgiving dinner for the animals to encourage adoptions before the holidays. Some even allow host families to temporarily foster rescue animals during the holiday weekend so they won’t have to spend Thanksgiving stuck in the shelter. So, take some time out to visit your local animal shelter during their celebration to find out how you can help.

By sacrificing just a portion of your time, you can make someone else’s entire Thanksgiving Day. Choose one of these three tips to give back this holiday season and make a meaningful impact.