Seven Unique Fall Leaf Activities for Kids 

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Family

It’s that time of the year again! FALL! Fall is always a beautiful reminder of life’s changing seasons. But as a kid, it’s a fun reminder that those colorful leaves are so fun to play with! 😉 So let’s have some good, creative fun this season with these seven fall leaf activities for kids! (Don’t worry … adults can play too!) 

Seven UNIQUE Fall Leaf Activities 

A Child holds red, green, and yellow leaves in his hands.

1. Go on a leaf scavenger hunt. 

We might as well start out by finding all the leaves we can, right? Scavenger hunts are always a kid favorite activity. Think of every shape, size, and color of fall leaves, create a list, and go for a family hike to collect as many of them as you can find! 

Not only is this a fun fall leaf activity, but it will get the whole family outside, which is so good for the soul.  

2. Have fun with some classic leaf crafts. 

You can’t have a list of fall leaf activities without including all of the classic fall leaf crafts. We’ve compiled a list of some favorites: 

A notebook lays next to an assortment of paint brushes and pencils and a watercolor palette on a wooden surface.

3. Write or draw a leaf story. 

To spark some creativity, encourage your kids to write a story or draw out a comic style book about a leaf! What a fun way to get them thinking out of the box and getting creative. It’s so fun to see what they dream up about the adventures of a leaf! 

4. Make leaf mud pie or leaf soup. 

Collect some leaves and let the kids get a little messy. 😊 Everything they need to make a “yummy” mud pie, or a “delicious” leaf soup is waiting for them outside in the yard. They can use their sand toys or outdoor play kitchenware to get their hands dirty and cook up something fun! As long as leaves are the key ingredients, you’re good to go! 

A maple leaf cookie cutter lays next to decorative wooden leaves.

5. Decorate leaf-shaped cookies. 

It’s time to bake! Get a leaf shaped cookie cutter, bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and let your kids have fun decorating them with frosting and sprinkles!  

6. Get science-y!  

Just like with anything in nature, there is so much to learn about leaves! Do a little school at home and have your kids observe the leaves while writing down what they see. They can even make a presentation by safely researching the life cycle of a tree! 

Again, get creative with it and let them take the assignment and run with it! 

A toddler stands in a pile of orange autumn leaves and holds up a single leaf in his hand.

7. Jump in them! 

It wouldn’t be fall if you didn’t gather a big pile of leaves just to play in it! If you don’t have leaves in your own yard, head to a local park with lots of trees. You’re sure to find some leafy fun! We highly encourage you to join in on the fun and act like a big kid on this one.  

Enjoy the fall fun! 

There is something to glean from each season of the year, so don’t let this one pass you by without enjoying all of the fun it has to offer! Hopefully these fall leaf activities help you get started! 

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