Three Traits Of A Genuine Philanthropist

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Philanthropy

Philanthropy is all about devoting effort and resources for the welfare of others. In today’s world, where people can get caught up in their own ambitions, it is a relief to know that philanthropists still exist. Still, philanthropy is one word that can be easily misinterpreted or misused. Is it merely about participating in charitable events? Or allocating certain amount for donations? This confusion can leave you wondering what it means to be philanthropic. Read on for three traits all genuine philanthropists have.

Know the difference between philanthropy and charity.

It is easy to assume that philanthropy and charity are one and the same. A true philanthropist, though, understands the crucial difference between the two. Charity is the act when you offer help to ease an urgent need. A common example is when people give money to aid victims of unfavorable circumstances such as a natural disaster.  Philanthropists also offer help in similar situations, but they choose to help in a way that will create long-term solutions. Aside from doing something to remedy an immediate problem, they are willing to offer further assistance to fix the root of the problem. They don’t just give money or do volunteer work for one day. Rather, they choose to help long after the initial charitable efforts are done and are interested to know the results of their actions. They are the people who identify issues of society and take steps to be part of the solution.

Passionate and committed.

Genuine philanthropy means being focused on making a lasting impact. This is surely an effort that cannot be accomplished in one day. So when people with a genuine heart to make this world a better place choose a cause to support, they know they are in it for a long run. If you choose to help a foundation for cancer patients, you don’t just inquire about the easiest thing you can do to help. Rather, you strive to learn everything about the cause and the organization. Instead of simply offering assistance, you may also suggest a more strategic way of doing things. You devote as much time as you can to the growth of the organization because you are passionate about it. Likewise, you don’t just abandon a project once you start it. Rather, you stay until your vision is realized.

Do not seek recognition.

Altruism is truly a commendable act. Some people may even view philanthropists as heroes. However, those who are sincere about doing it don’t care about the glory it will bring them. Moreover, they do not go around flaunting their good deeds and expecting rewards for it. Instead of seeking recognition they are more concerned about inspiring others. This is because they know that the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with philanthropy is already a huge reward in itself.

People who make genuine effort to make a positive difference in the lives of others are like precious gems. With all the good things associated with altruism, it is such a delight to consider yourself a philanthropist. You just have to make sure that you know the true  meaning of the word.