Three Things You Can Forget When Doing Philanthropy

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Philanthropy

Generous people are the most thoughtful ones – no one is likely to argue with that statement.  It is easy for them to share their time and resources because they are inclined to be concerned about the welfare of others. As selfless individuals, they would often be busy thinking about how to brighten someone’s day or how to make someone’s plight lighter. Yet constantly thinking about others does not mean minding everything that other people say or do. Some of the things that philanthropists can conveniently ignore are  listed below:

Forget about praises.

The noble things that philanthropists do can indeed make them endearing to anyone. Yet while it is pleasant to receive admiration from others, it is wrong to expect praise or recognition. Doing so can distract you from the things that you need to focus on during your altruistic activities. Likewise, it is not a good idea to allow the praises you hear to get into your head. Philanthropy should keep you humble, not self-righteous and arrogant.

Ignore the haters.

You may get a number of supporters for being charitable but you can also encounter a number of critics. Some people may doubt your intentions while others may undermine your efforts. However, as long as you are happy and know that you are making significant contributions through your philanthropic pursuits, you have no reason to be bothered by haters. It is also almost futile to waste time explaining or defending yourself to them because they will choose to believe what they want, anyway. Besides, they may soon realize their wrong judgment in time even without doing anything. So you are better off spending all your energy on charitable deeds than on haters.

Forget about rewards.

Altruism is very rewarding but you may not understand its true essence if you are focused on things you can gain from it. Genuine philanthropists should not be about promoting your own interests. Rather it is all about the willingness to be of service to others even without getting anything in return.  It is also good to remember that everything you do affects you and the people around you. This means that your decision to practice a positive trait such as kindness will likely bring wonderful benefits to your life, even without consciously chasing it.

Wise philanthropists value their time so they do not waste it on non-sensible matters. Thus, if you wish to be a better philanthropist, you should also know how to choose the things to pay attention to and the things you can forget or ignore.