Beat The Years With A Resolve To Age Gracefully!

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Personal Development

In a fantasy world, growing old is an alien concept. There’s no graying hairs or unsightly wrinkles to worry about. Deteriorating health or illness due to old age is unheard of, too. Unfortunately, this ideal world is yet to exist. In reality, aging is something everyone must deal with in time. In fact, we are living in a rapidly aging world.

Statistics from the United Nations reported that the number of people aged 60 and over worldwide totaled 962 million in 2017. This figure is expected to further increase as the same report from UN states that the number of older people will reach 2.1 billion by 2050. However, even if you cannot avoid, stop or delay the rolling of years, you can change the way you view aging! Instead of dreading your senior years, anticipate it because you believe things will only get better in time. This mindset explains the concept behind positive aging.

Ready to try the positive aging approach?

This concept attempts to debunk the typical representation of old age which is sad, lonesome or sickly. You can do this by changing your perception about growing old. In this approach, you wear and flaunt your age like a badge of honor. You feel proud instead of being embarrassed or shy when someone asks how old you are. When you move forward with positivity, you see all the benefits you reap as you add years to your life.

The practice of positive aging is a worthy pursuit because of all the advantages you can gain from it. A research study published in American Psychological Association even revealed that good perception about old age can increase life longevity. Consequently, if you view old age as something to look forward to, you will also get the motivation to take care of yourself and age gracefully. Listed below are things you should take note of to make the process of positive aging a breeze.

Prioritize health care.

Staying physically fit and disease-free beyond your golden years is a huge achievement! Besides, your state of health matters a lot if you want to stay happy and active when you are old and gray. To ensure many happy years long after you retire, start taking steps to improve your physique today. Eating in moderation, taking supplements and daily exercise will go a long way. You should also avoid vices such as alcohol and smoking. Taking regular visits to the doctor to monitor your blood pressure and other vitals are important, too.

Find new things to learn.

According to the theory of brain plasticity, you can keep your brain sharp even as you age. One way to do this is by maintaining your enthusiasm to keep on learning new things even through old age. In many ways growing old is freedom because you can do anything you want. So if you want to take piano lessons at 60, go ahead. No one can stop you either if you want to take painting lessons at 70. You do not want to get stuck in the past, so stay abreast with the new trends in society. By keeping yourself busy with new things you can find life as exciting as ever.

Stay active.

You do not want to spend your retirement years just lying around. The idea of a “no work, all play” can get tiring and boring in time. Research even claims that retirement increases risk of depression by 40%. The loneliness associated with retirement is attributed to isolation and inactivity. So to beat the blues and still feel productive, find ways to stay active. Even as a retiree, you can find many activities to spend your time on. You can join clubs or do volunteer work in the community.

Life presents endless opportunities that do not stop when you reach a certain age. So it is time to throw the notion of senile and forgetful old people out of the window. With positive aging and a resolve to age gracefully, you have just discovered your own fountain of youth!