How to Prepare for Virtual Events 

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Leadership, Personal Development

Virtual events and meetings became more of the norm in the past few years, and they are still very present today! But it’s easy to get distracted at home while trying to hop online to attend a meeting, conference, workshop, etc. So, let’s talk about ways to prepare for your next digital event! 

Prepare Your Mind 

Getting into a good headspace before you do anything is a good idea, but especially your virtual appointments and events. If you want to devote your whole focus to your task, make sure there’s nothing else on your mind competing for attention.  

One way to empty your mind of extra thoughts and worries is to do a “brain dump.” This is a short exercise using only a piece of paper and pen—the act of physically writing engages more parts of the brain and can help ease your mind.  

This exercise is really easy. Write down absolutely everything happening in your brain … literally dump it onto the page. Write down the worries you have; make the grocery list you’ve been mentally collecting; write your list of errands that need to be done tomorrow. By writing it all down, you let it go! Still need that info? Refer to it later when you have the time. Now your focus is entirely on your virtual event.  

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Prepare Your Space 

The way your space is set up plays a big role in your focus during your event. If you’re in a messy living room with dishes around and laundry to fold, you won’t be able to give your whole attention to the task at hand.  

Decide what room you’ll use for your meeting and focus your energies here. Clean up any clutter, remove distractions, and make sure your computer setup is comfortable enough for the duration of the event. If you have a 5-hour quarterly review to attend, sitting on a hard kitchen chair might not be the best choice. 

Similarly, prepare any meals you may need during this time, especially if you have kids around to feed. Doing a little meal prep—even if it’s just putting all of your snacks in one place—can go a long way toward making it easy to focus for long periods of time.  

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“I’m Not Home” 

Attending a virtual weekend retreat or conference? Make the same preparations you would if you were attending in person. Arrange childcare, pet care, and finish any outstanding work before you “leave.” This will help you not only focus on the experience ahead of you, but also give you a much-needed break from life, even if it’s just in your living room.  

Think about how you would dress for a business conference and do the same for their virtual counterparts. If you’d wear a suit when attending in person, this should be no different at home. The way you dress does big things for your focus, and by forgoing sweatpants for your professional clothing, you’re telling your brain that you’re serious about what you are about to learn. You might feel silly wearing a tie or heels in your own home, but you’ll notice yourself paying more attention.   

Make the Most of Virtual Events! 

Being at meetings and events in person is always best, but with technology these days, virtual events make everything much more accessible, so take advantage! Getting into good preparation habits will help you be ready and prepared to get the most out of your future digital functions!  

Preparedness is key, and another way to always be ready is by having systems for success! You’ve got this!