Four Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies 

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Health

If you’re a person who experiences allergies, you know that while spring is great for warmer weather, it also means your life is about to get a whole lot sneezier. Seasonal allergies affect 25 million Americans each year, and symptoms range from a runny nose and sneezing, to fatigue and sore throats. Often called hay fever, these outdoor allergies are triggered by pollens, spores, and mold that come out to play when the snow has melted.  

Since so many people are affected by these airborne annoyances, medication is widely available in pharmacies and grocery stores. But what if you want to go a more natural route this year? Here are a few natural remedies for seasonal allergies to try this year. 

Indoor Air Purifier 

In order to keep all the allergens out of your home, keep your windows closed when you can and invest in a good air filtration system. Many newer homes have it built in with their air conditioning, but there are many options available for standalone air purifier units.  

Make sure to look for replaceable filters, HEPA certification, and the recommended room size. It’s totally okay to move your filter around with you through the day too. Bring it in the living areas during the day when allergens are going to float in and out, and your bedroom at night while you’re sleeping.   

Keep the Rest of You Healthy 

While your immune system is fighting off allergens, give it some support to keep the rest of you healthy! Now, more than ever, eating all of your fruits and veggies is imperative to keep your body going. Implement some light exercise (as long as you can breathe okay) to get your blood flowing and give you the boost you need. Consider taking immune supporting supplements to help close the nutrition gap in your diet and get you on the mend, faster! 

Keep It Fresh

If you aren’t already, showering at night is suggested to get rid of the allergens from the day so you aren’t inhaling pollen all night. The same treatment goes for your clothes and your bed sheets … make sure to wash them more often to keep allergens at bay. Spring cleaning definitely serves a purpose when it comes to those pesky allergens! 

Know Your Risks 

Different pollens are released at different times, and you may not be allergic to all of them. Many people are more susceptible to just one or two airborne allergens. Here’s a basic timeline to be aware of (this could be different depending on where you live!) 

  • March–June: Tree pollen  
  • June–August (and sometimes September): Grass pollen 
  • August–October (or hard freeze): Weed pollen and outdoor mold 

Know your risks and when you will be least affected. Pollen counts peak in the early morning and in the evenings. Therefore, try to do your outdoor errands and activities in the middle of the day. 

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies: Easier Than You Think! 

Seasonal allergies are no fun for anyone, but you aren’t helpless … there are ways to fight back! Be aware of your surroundings and making a few changes to your routine. This will greatly reduce your sneeze count! 

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