Getting Essential Nutrients into Picky Eaters 

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Family, Health

“I don’t like that!” “That’s yucky.” “I don’t want those on my plate.” Does this sound like your kids at lunchtime? Or somedays it seems like all they’ve eaten are frozen waffles and animal crackers? We understand! It’s normal for kids to be picky eaters. But it’s still up to us to (try to) present them with healthy fruit and vegetable options every day. When that’s not cutting it, consider adding in kid-specific vitamins out there, which may help to supplement the nutrients lacking from their diet.  

If at First You Don’t Succeed …  

Even if your child initially rejects trying something new (and you now have avocado stains on the rug) try again. Oftentimes, kids will be willing to experiment with the same food again if it’s introduced in a different way. For instance, if your kiddo originally disliked the peas you served on the side of their chicken, next time try pureeing the veggie or mixing it into a pasta sauce. As a result, your child might actually enjoy a food they’d previously rejected. While they’ll surely have some foods that they gravitate to more than others, they might surprise you with their willingness to be adventurous. So, don’t give up!  

A Rainbow of Flavors 

If you know your child is hesitant toward trying new foods, make their eating experience extra fun by adding additional interest to their plate. Try cutting items out in fun shapes or arranging the fruits and veggies into engaging patterns. Next, peak their sense by designing a rainbow of options for them to enjoy. Juicy, red strawberries, plump, fresh oranges, sautéed green spinach, farmer’s market blueberries, fresh-grown purple eggplants, and more! Kids love color and showing them how full of fun fruit and vegetables can be will encourage them to try something new.  

Not All Vitamins are Equal 

It’s always best to encourage your littles to consume good nutrition through whole foods. However, an addition of quality vitamins could be the perfect way to counteract a lack of color on their plate. First, check with your doctor since not all kids need vitamins. Then, keep in mind that just because a vitamin bottle has your kids’ favorite character on the label, it doesn’t always mean they have the highest quality ingredients. So, do your research. Our favorite option has bonus benefits that could even increase bone health and may strengthen their vision (and they’ll likely love the taste of these easy-to-eat gummies).  

Up the Immunity When Kiddos are Sick 

Chicken soup, orange juice, and extra water are on most parents’ go-to list when kiddos wake up sniffly or stuffy. What else can you do to support a sick little one? Rest is most important, of course, and no vitamin can ever take the place of a visit to the doctor if warranted. But a little immunity boost might be helpful. Consider our favorite immunity-supporting fast-melt powder. We especially love how these are packed with vitamin C, probiotics, zinc, and vitamin D (and kiddos love the easy-to-eat, melt-in-your-mouth powder). Yum!  

Be the Example 

Picky eaters or not, adding variety, color, and, when needed, vitamins to your kids’ diet might be a great way to ensure they’re getting all of the nutrients they need. If you decide vitamins are right for your little one, place them somewhere they will be easily seen, like next to your kids’ lunchbox. When they grab their backpack, they can grab some extra immunity support, too. Additionally, remember that your kids are looking to you as an example. Normalize a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and always adding a big helping of veggies to your plate. When you gather together for meals, talk about the importance of good nutrition for healthy minds and bodies, too. By starting these types of discussions when your kids are young, you’ll be more likely to continue having important talks together for years to come.  

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