Four Cool Hacks to Learn New Skills Faster

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Lifestyle, Personal Development

As Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” This quote is a reminder that no matter how much education you have received or how many skills you have, you will never run out of new things to learn. It also implies that increasing your knowledge is a sure way to keep moving forward in life. However, many of us view learning as such a tedious and tiresome task. Some would complain that it is so difficult to learn new things due to a lack of sufficient time or the presence of too many distractions. Others also consider age as another obstacle since many assume that learning a new skill is relatively easier for children. But as they say, people who truly want something always manage to find a way. If you are committed to learning, you may even discover cool hacks that can speed up your learning process. Some of these hacks are shared below:

Write it down.

Have you just finished watching a tutorial course? Or just close a textbook after reading a chapter? To retain all the information you have received from your learning materials, you want to grab a pen and a notebook so you can write down the new knowledge you have acquired. Knowledge is like air that can slip out of your mind but you can make information stick longer in your memory by note-taking. A group of researchers even found out through a study that taking notes greatly helps in learning and comprehension.

Share your knowledge.

Do you want to test your knowledge about a certain subject and even be generous? All you have to do is simply share what you have learned to another person. This practice would let you see the depth of your understanding of a subject matter and the areas that you are yet to fully learn. It is also a nice way to know how you can apply your knowledge to a real-life scenario. Moreover, the person you are teaching will even be grateful for your gesture.

Engage in a physical exercise.

If you are finding it hard to allot a few minutes each day to a regular exercise, learning something new would give you a good reason to commit to it. Having a fit and healthy body will help you withstand the challenge that comes from taking up a new course or undergoing new training. Aside from leaving you energized and stronger, you would also improve your memory that is vital if you want to learn something faster. This claim is backed by a study saying that a 15-minute workout session can boost cognitive processes and memory.

Set specific goals.

Learning will never be as hard or impossible for people who are focused on their goals.  However, this can be an unrealistic challenge if your goals are not specific enough. Big goals can also stress you out as it will appear harder to attain. On the contrary, breaking down your huge goals to smaller ones gives you confidence that you can achieve it.

Though it is true that learning does come with a set of challenges, making an effort to widen your knowledge is undoubtedly a worthy endeavor. Equipping yourself with new skills can pave the way for better opportunities and a more fulfilling life.