The Dangers of Letting Others Define You

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Personal Development

Letting others define you is a bad habit, yet an easy one to fall into. We live in a world where information has never been more accessible. This means it has never been easier to label someone or something without even knowing or interacting with them. And guess what that means for us? We, now more than ever, are defined by the world we live in rather than by the way we see ourselves. And sometimes that can be a dangerous thing. Here are some dangers of letting others define you.

You become too focused on material things.

Likely, when we let ourselves become defined by others, we measure our value based on our monetary or material worth. Our value as human beings becomes way too dependent on the least human qualities about ourselves. While it’s completely okay to take pride in your accomplishments and have goals and dreams of reaching certain monetary or material goals, don’t let these things define you as a person. Instead, identify yourself with your service heart or your compassionate personality because that is what really makes you human.

You become narrow-minded.

If you begin to define yourself only by others’ opinions, you will be quick to identify with the labels others give you. And, that is where the real problems start. We label people all the time based on their personal characteristics, their career, their lifestyle, and their personality. At times, labels may be accurate reflections of people at a certain period in life. However, labels are fixed terms, and people are not fixed at all. Everyone changes with time and circumstance, and eventually a label that used to accurately describe you won’t reflect you at your core anymore. Instead, embrace your characteristics, but don’t become attached to the narrow-minded labels. Define yourself in a realistic, expansive way that allows you to be all the things you want to become.

You will never be satisfied with who you are.

If you are constantly concerning yourself with what others think of you and defining yourself by others’ opinions, it will be next to impossible to become completely happy with who you are. Instead of trying to become the person others want you to be, figure out what and who you want to be. And then become that thing. The happiest people in life are the ones that are the most confident in who they are and what they stand for––regardless of whether others approve or not.

Think of yourself in your own terms. Forget the labels and the opinions. Your identity is the one you create yourself.