Bored During Your Flight? Write Something!

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Travel

Being stuck on a plane with a lot of time and little to do can be torture. Why waste time watching an inflight movie or scrolling through your phone when you can be more productive? When’s the last time you created an opportunity to write? Well, here’s your chance! Here are five ways to entertain yourself through writing while on a plane.


Journaling is a broad term that covers any type of writing that focuses on personal experiences, ideas, aspirations or dreams. Some people journal to remember something, while others journal to get things off of their mind. You may read your journals in the future or close them to never to be read again; either way, the beauty is in the process. Typically, journaling is very personal and is usually done in quiet reflective moments. Because flights foster quiet alone time, they provide the perfect environment for journaling. If you plan ahead, you can easily pack a paperback journal in your carry-on, but even if you forget, the notes section on your phone will work just fine. Journaling has no set rules to follow, so open your mind and write what you feel.


Very few of us have revisited poetry since our school days. A quiet flight among the backdrop of billowy clouds may provide the perfect inspiration. If you’ve forgotten how to form a poem or prefer to follow a certain outline, make sure to pack a how-to book for reference. You can even bring along a collective book of poems from your favorite poet. Either will provide many examples and ideas to spark the creativity for your inflight poetry. Whether you choose to keep your poetry private or share it with the world, the process itself is a cathartic way to pass a little time.

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing helps ideas flow by providing a sentence starter or scenario to expound upon. Depending on which type of writing you prefer, you can find prompts to match your desired outcome. Many prompts pose questions that lead to exploring your thinking or opinions. Others present unique scenarios and characters that you can add to and develop. Creative writing prompts are fun because they lead to topics you’ve never spent time researching or mulling over in your head. They stretch both your mind and writing skills, and lastly – they fill time. Search your local bookstore or favorite author blog for ideas to bring along on your next trip.

Handwritten Letters

There’s something about being up in the air, unplugged from the maylay of the world that makes you reminisce on simpler times. In modern day communication, phones and laptops reign supreme, but back in the day, writing was the primary form of long distance conversing. Handwritten letters are a lost art that many people still find to be valuable, but fail to make time for. Why not use your flight as an opportunity to rewind time and draft a handwritten letter? Maybe you’d like to write to someone from your past or even to your younger (or future) self. You can send a thank you to a friend or a thinking of you to a family member that you haven’t seen in a while. No matter the recipient, they are bound to feel honored by the effort and thought you put into the words you shared.

Autobiographical Writing

Many celebrities and public figures have entire books written about their lives, but have you ever pondered what your biography would say? If not, why not write your own? Start with your childhood, revisit your school years, share your young adulthood and go on to detail any major events that stick out of your mind. Your biography can be anecdotal, may be based on short chronological snippets, or it can follow no particular form at all. However you choose to write it, no one can tell your life story better than you can.

If you find yourself on a plane where catching up on sleep is challenging and you’ve lost interest in your electronics, give writing a try. You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy putting pen to paper. With the many different branches of writing, you’ll never need to worry about inflight boredom again.