A Workout Routine for Every Stage

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Family, Personal Development

Exercises for You and Your Little One

Congratulations on your baby! The next few months are going to be full of special moments of connection with your new little human. As your baby starts to sleep for longer stretches of time, you will begin to feel more and more energized and ready to exercise. Let your workouts evolve with you. This might mean incorporating your little one in your stroller fitness, babywearing exercises, or mommy (or daddy) and me gym classes. 

Start with Light Walks 

Grab your stroller (with an infant insert if needed), a water bottle, and comfy clothes. It’s time to take to the streets. When you feel ready, begin walking around your neighborhood. Check in with how you’re feeling. Is your heartrate fairly even and your breath remaining calm? If so, add hills or a brisker pace. Walking is a great low impact exercise that increases your circulation and heartrate. It also allows you and your little one to enjoy sunshine and nature together.  

A woman is pushing a blue stroller down a cement path.

Progress to Stroller Exercises 

Your stroller is perfect for adding resistance to your walking or running as you push the extra weight of your baby and gear. As your child looks lovingly up and you, use this time to smile, laugh, and connect with your baby. Strollers are wonderful because they make your baby more portable and keeps them safe while they are sleeping. But strollers have other exercise-related uses, too. You can put the break on your stroller and use the handle for stability while doing a number of bodyweight exercises, such as:  

  • Calf Raises: Using the stroller bar for balance, keep your legs straight as you press into the balls of your feet. Lift your heels high before lowering back down with control. It won’t take long before you feel the burn as you strengthen all down the backs of your legs.  
  • Sit Ups: Lying down on the grass (consider bringing a mat for added comfort), place your feet around your stroller’s front wheel to anchor yourself. Take a big inhale before sitting all the way up using your abdominal muscles. This exercise is also an extra opportunity to interact with your little one—make silly faces at them every time you sit up!  
  • Lunges: As you push your stroller forward, lunge with every step. Bend into your knees (listen to your body for how deeply you should bend). Never go below a 90° bend and keep your knees tracking your toes. For bonus glute work, extend your back leg and squeeze to lift it up with every step.  

Workup to Babywearing Workouts 

When you’re ready for a little added weight, strap your baby securely to your body using a high-quality carrier. This will allow for an extra challenge, and extra bonding, as you squat, bicep curl, and leg lift with your baby on board. Babywearing is great because your hands are free to hold weights and resistance tubing. Bouncing on a yoga ball increases core stability and often puts your baby to sleep right on your chest—is there anything sweeter? 

Try Mommy and Me Moves 

As your child gets older and is able to move around a bit more on their own, consider finding a “Mommy and Me” class near you. Finding a group fitness class designed specifically for parents and kids to enjoy together provides the bonus benefit of socializing with other adults. You can share stories, arrange play dates, and discuss topics beyond burp cloths.  

What a special time do bond with your baby! Before your kiddo grows up and joins sports teams or finds interests on their own, now is the time to find exercises you can do together. By starting to exercise with them from a young age, you are also putting your little one on the path to a lifetime of health and fitness. Use exercise to strengthen your body, too, so you can do all the things you love—like keeping up with your growing baby.  

You’ve worked out and now you (and your baby) are ready to relax. While your little one sleeps, take some time for self-care. If you’re still at the beginning of your pregnancy journey, check out our blog on pregnancy exercises, here.