3 Reasons Why Having Faith Defines Who You Are

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Faith

Becoming a person who lives out their faith means so much more than just going to church and saying your prayers. As most things in life go, letting your faith totally define the way you live takes time and dedication, and it doesn’t just happen overnight. Having faith is more than just a practice or a Sunday morning routine. In fact, having faith completely revolutionizes the way you look at each day. Here are three reasons why having faith defines who you are and how you live.

1. Your faith provides a source of stability in your life.

Your faith becomes the foundation for which all your beliefs, values, and morals are built. In other words, your faith lays the groundwork for everything you believe in, and it serves as a source of guidance as you navigate life. While life is constantly moving forward, changing, and evolving, faith is the one thing that remains constant and keeps you grounded. Your faith is what you have to depend on when nothing else seems like it’s going right and even when things are. Faith is the source of stability that everyone needs in life.

2. Your faith sets a standard.

Having faith and living it day in and day out holds you to a certain standard in every area of your life. Living out your faith means living according to what your faith stands for and what you represent. Therefore, your faith becomes the standard regarding how you conduct yourself and interact with others, how you make decisions in life and in business, and how you serve, honor, and love the people in your life.

3. Your faith determines how you spend your resources.

Your faith becomes a way for you to determine how to outline the ways you should use your resources in life. It lays out how and gives you a reason why you should spend your life doing certain things. Essentially, having faith helps you determine whether you should spend your free time, money, and extra energy in selfish ways or by bettering other communities and lives.

If you demonstrate and explore your faith each day, it becomes so much more than just a set of beliefs and rituals. Having faith defines who you are as a person and how you live your life.